Some advice on how to care for your garments and conserve their quality over time
Do not wear your garment for several days in a row, or at least allow 24 hours between one wearing and the next.
Do not be afraid to wash your garment. Contrary to the commonly held notion, water is actually the ideal element for maintaining and enhancing cashmere. It’s best to hand wash, but if you must machine wash always use the Wool Setting, add a half teaspoon of a neutral soap and never use bleach.
After washing dry on a flat horizontal surface, iron on a low setting on the underside of the garment using steam and avoiding any direct contact between the iron and the fabric.
In the event that small balls, “pills” form in the high contact areas do not use a brush or a blade to remove them. Restore your garment by washing and while it’s still damp pick off the pills by hand and it will be as good as new.